Discussion room / Group Audio Visual Room Rules

1. Discussion room and Group audio visual room are suitable for 3-6 people.
2. Before using the room, to book at the system. There is a 2 booking limit per week with a maximum of 2 hours per booking for discussion room, and 3 hours per booking for group audio visual room.
3. Leave 3 student ID Cards who booked at the counter.
4. A reservation will be cancelled if you do not show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled time.
5. Discussion room is provided for academic purpose only. Group Audio Visual Room is provided for watching the Public Performance Rights Videos only.
6. Please keep your voice down.
7. Please keep the environment clean for the others.
8. Please return furniture to the original arrangement. And take the items you borrowed to return to the counter for collect the student ID of the scheduled time.